Interview with
Fitness Model and
Competitor Elaine Seth

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing hard body and fitness model, Elaine Seth.

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As you'll see, Elaine epitomizes what a weight trained body should look like.

And you can tell by all the things she does, that it gives her plenty of energy! Wow!

Gregg: Elaine, everything you do is in a very competitive field, whether it's fitness competition, fitness modeling, TV commercials, or hosting an entertainment show.

These are all tough fields to break into and let's face it, besides talent, you need to look good.

And you also need a lot of energy because you are constantly promoting yourself.

With regard to fitness, how did you get started with your life style?

In other words, when you decided to pursue these fields, what changes did you make, or planning did you do, to give yourself the best chance at success?

Elaine Seth: My interest in fitness began after watching the Fitness America Pageant on ESPN many years ago.

I was amazed at how athletic and talented these women were, not to mention beautiful!

At that point, I began reading up on various fitness competitions and researching various methods of fitness training programs.

The 1998 Ms. Galaxy Competition was the first event that I took part in.

In pursuing my fitness goals, I always research the opportunity as much as possible.

I am a very analytical person and tend to break everything down into it's simplest form and then mentally rebuild it.

This usually helps me to better understand the challenge increasing my likely hood of success.

After all, how can you master a task if you are not fully aware of all of the components that comprise the end result?!?!?

Gregg: How long did it take you to get to where you are now, and what would you say to our readers who are already tired and frustrated and just want to finally "get in shape"?

Elaine Seth: Interesting question!

It's taken a lifetime!

More directly, I began actively pursuing my goals in fitness in 1996. At that time, I had NO IDEA that I would one day be presented with all of the opportunities I've been blessed with!

I did have a concept in my mind of what I aesthetically desired to achieve. Moving forward from that time, it was a process of continuous improvement.

I would tell the readers that persistence is of the essence!!!! In other words, KEEP AT IT!!!

You can not expect results overnight. You must stay the course and realize that the work you put in to your health and fitness program today is not necessarily about today, but rather about obtaining long lasting results.

You ABSOLUTELY must omit negative energy regardless of whether it is mental or environmental.

Frustration is self-defeating. You must constantly look and move forward, otherwise, you will never get there!

Gregg: Most people think competitors just have to focus on training and eating right but most of us work full time.

You have the same challenges everyone else has as far as time, yet you have to be more disciplined than the average person who just wants to get in shape.

In addition, you probably have a more hectic schedule than most!

What problems did you have to overcome in order to stay on track with your fitness program?

Some of the popular excuses I've heard from people I've trained include "not enough time"(both for exercising and eating right), "eating healthy is too expensive", "don't see results fast enough", "weights will make me big and bulky", "have trouble sticking with an exercise routine."

What were the obstacles you had to overcome?

Elaine Seth: My biggest obstacle was definitely proper planning and structure. Training has to be a part of your life, scheduled in and committed to, not something you do at leisure.

Think of if as part of your work day in addition to your job. I admit, I had a very difficult time convincing myself to stay in the gym to train myself after I spent all day training clients.

This was difficult at first, but I learned to make time for "me" in order to reach my fitness goals.

Gregg: One thing I'd like for you to address because I feel it's a big one with women, is weight training. Even nowadays, a lot of women shy away from weight training because they don't want to look like Arnold.

If they train at all, it's with the tiny pink weights and they never even break a sweat.

You've developed a gorgeous, sexy, lean hard body and you couldn't have done it without weights.

What do you say to these women to get them to not just train with weights buttrain hard and make it an important part of their overall program?

Elaine Seth: I have heard this cliche' time and again. My answer is always the same... women do not structurally or physiologically possess the natural tendency to build this type of "bulk" in regard to muscle.

Unless you are following a program specifically designed to achieve "a look like Arnold", using crazy heavy weight, in addition to anabolic/androgenic supplements( steroids) it is HIGHLY unlikely, not to mention conceivable for a woman to gain this type of structure.

It is so very important to implement resistance training when trying to achieve a lean, hard body. I'm sure you've heard that the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you will burn.

Gregg: Moving forward and knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently, if anything?

Elaine Seth: Nothing! All of the experiences, best of the best with the worst of the worst make me who and what I am today.

I am fortunate for all of the obstacles and triumphs that have contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Gregg: What would you have done the same way, and will continue to do, going forward?

Elaine Seth: I will continue to only take on a challenge when my heart and mind are in sync and ready to meet the challenge. If you look at my competition profile, you see that there is always a lapse of time between shows.

Some people keep at it and as a result lose the passion.

I tend to be an "all or nothing" personality type in that I usually require backing up to get a running start!

I can not force myself to do something I do not have my heart in, regardless of what may be offered to me as a reward.

I always want to have that burning desire in my heart in regard to goals and expectations.

Gregg: Do you feel that ongoing feedback and motivational tools would help in maintaining a fitness program? I always encourage my clients to take pictures periodically.

Elaine Seth: Absolutely! We all have down days where we second guess ourselves, wondering if the sacrifice is worth the reward.

At that time, encouraging words are priceless. That little bit of motivation may be just what we need to push us up and over the top!

Gregg: If you were to advise a close friend or family member how to follow in your fitness footsteps, what would you tell them?

Elaine Seth: I would first tell them to be true to their heart. I would then offer them any resources that I may have as well as making myself available to them for any questions they may have and offer guidance as much as possible.

Gregg: What's a typical day for you when it comes to training and nutrition?

Elaine Seth: I have implemented boxing conditioning as a way to get and stay in shape. It is amazing how much I accomplish using this technique! Think about it, boxers are some of the most well conditioned athletes out there!

I get a total body workout in as much time as I used to only spend on the step mill. My nutrition when preparing for a show entails very low carbs, and a lot of chicken!!!!!

Gregg: What do you think are the keys to becoming successful, whether it's competing or just losing 15 pounds?

Elaine Seth: PERSISTENCE!!!!!! Stay the course! In this day and age, it is as though everyone expects instant gratification.

That is fine for a "here and now" approach to life, but for real lasting results to be proud of, you must put in the time!

Just as a building will not last long on a foundation that is not created properly to support the structure, so it is in attaining success whether in personal or professional pursuits.

Gregg: What are your future plans, both in and out of fitness?

Elaine Seth: I hope to leave a lasting positive impression on the fitness industry, whether through a title or simply motivating others to reach for their goals and strive to be their personal best.

Long term, I plan to publish a book that I have been working on for a number of years. Someone once asked me what my overall goal in life would be, I remember answering that I'd like to be the "Renaissance Woman " of the millennium, holding many talents equally in balance.

I love my life. I have so many wonderful opportunities to impact others; as a fitness competitor, personal trainer, model, television personality, writer, photographer, mentor.

Not many people know that I also built cars on an assembly line for Ford for 6.5 years in Ohio!

Regardless of where you begin, it is all about enjoying and growing from the journey and having direction in regard to where you wish to go.

Anything is possible, the human mind is so powerful!

Gregg: One last question, Elaine. No offense, because you're a gorgeous woman, but that Ms. Justice really does it for me.

Do you think you could put in a good word?

Elaine Seth: You've got it!

Check out Elaine's pictures below and visit her web site at

Elaine Seth: hot fitness models Elaine Seth: building muscle for hot babesElaine Seth: fitness models

Elaine Seth: hot fitness models Elaine Seth: building muscle for hot babesElaine Seth: fitness models

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