Mary Castro
The Ultimate Brunette

Mary Castro Revealed: Weight training, building muscle, getting ripped; why do we do it?

Sure, we love the ball busting workouts, the strength, the ego stroke of being in better shape or lifting more weight than the other guy.

Heck, even the health reasons, although we don't tell the other guys that one.

But let's face, one of the reasons (and maybe the real reason a lot of us got started with the weights) we build muscle is beautiful women.

Sure, that may sound sexist, or make us cavemen. It's still true, though.

So, now I have the honor of introducing one of those women that we weight train for - Mary Castro.

If you don't know who Mary is, you will soon, that's for sure.

Mary Castro: hot fitness models

And yes, I'm trying really hard not to use a movie title here.

But for the record, THAT Mary isn't even in the same universe as this one, let alone the same league.

At a statuesque 5' 7, 36D-25-36, Mary Castro is a hot upcoming commodity in Hollywood.

She's an exotic mix of: Irish, Mexican, French, and Spanish.

  • A talented actress and model, Mary has a feature film under her belt due out in the summer of 2006, Reno 911: Miami.

  • She also has been a co-star on NBC’s “Las Vegas”, “King of Queens”, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

  • The native Californian also has done bodybuilding Muscle Tech supplement ads.

  • Mary is also an accomplished vocalist, receiving a vocal music scholarship at 16. I haven't been able to get her to sing for me yet, but I'm working on it.

  • She has many appearances due out this year including,”The War at Home”, Sex Symbol Lingerie Catalog, and MalibuStrings.Com
I know what you're thinking (if you're able to think right now). You're trying to make yourself feel better by thinking she must have a flaw. And you're right. She's sweet, too.

Okay, maybe that's not a flaw. Sweet AND beautiful. Deadly. AND she likes AC/DC, one of my all time favorite rock bands. Oh, and yeah, the beauty marks are real.

Get in line, guys.

I know it's the pictures you're interested in, but I'll see if I can get Mary to slow down for five minutes to do an email interview to add to this page. And get some fresh pics, preferably in some muscle clothing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hit the weights.

PS - Mary weight trains, too, so you couch potatoes surfing the net right now might want to rethink your lifestyle.

Click on the pic and a new window will open with the full-size version of that pic (pics below).


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Mary Castro: hot fitness models Mary Castro: building muscle for hot babes Mary Castro: fitness models

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Mary Castro: hot bikini babes Mary Castro: hot fitnes chicks Mary Castro: hot fitnes chicks

Mary Castro: hot bikini babes Mary Castro: hot fitnes chicks Mary Castro: hot fitnes chicks

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