Weider Platinum Crossbow

weider platinum crossbow

The Weider Platinum Crossbow is a lower cost alternative to the popular Bowflex.

When it comes to a total-body workout, experience big advantages with the Weider Crossbow Platinum model.

This inclusive machine comes standard with a full 340 lbs. of digitally controlled resistance, a personal training feature, curl station, squat station, lat tower and more.

At the touch of a button the Weider Platinum Crossbow allows you to move from one exercise to the next without having to take the time to take off collars, change weights, etc.

Having to do things like this is one of the biggest disadvantages of working out at home.

With the Platinum Crossbow this problem is solved. You can make weight and exercise changes almost instantly.

The Weider Platinum Crossbow comes with over 75 Club-Quality exercises:

  • Digital Control Resistance™

  • Enter your resistance on the touchpad with the press of a button, up to 340 lbs of resistance

  • No need to adjust bows or weight stacks

  • Move from 5-340 lbs. in 1-lb. or 5-lb. increments

  • Personal Trainer Simply select the type of workout you want, and you’re guided through a series of exercises, with resistance and reps set automatically. Pre-programmed workouts for weight-loss, muscle building and circuit training are built into your Weider Crossbar Platinum

  • 4 LCD windows display the current exercise, resistance and number of sets and reps

  • Full Range of Motion Unique cable and pulley design provides a greater range of motion than other machines

  • Squat Station Perform this total-body exercise smoothly with complete back support and perfect foot and knee positioning

  • Foam-roll shoulder supports offer balanced weight distribution

  • Curl Station Blast biceps and forearms with the preacher pad and bar

  • 6-roll Leg Developer Strengthen, tone and add definition to your legs by performing leg extensions and curls…with the extra versatility of a six-roll station

  • Lat Tower Sculpt and tone back, shoulders and chest with the integrated lat tower and multi-position lat bar

  • Integrated Rowing seat
  • Cardio row and foot plate
  • Accessories included:
  • 4 fireman clips
  • Video, wall chart
  • 1 ankle strap, 4 hand straps and 1 leg press strap
  • Space saving design
  • Assembly required (approximate assembly time: 3 hours)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 50" W x 86" L x 85" H
  • Weight: 314 lbs.

    You can check out the Weider Platinum Weight System on Amazon.

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